Fergal is Fuming!

Shortlist Nominee, 2018

Fergal is Fuming! was my first children's book.

Fergal's a friendly little chap, but when someone tells him what to do, he gets very, VERY angry...

Which is a bit of a problem, when you're a fire-breathing dragon!

Fergal's temper gets him into all sorts of trouble and leaves his friends fed up (and slightly scorched).

Can he find a way to deal with all that fire?

Fergal is Fuming! (in translation as 

Kleiner Drache - Große Wut) won the Buxtehuder Kälbchen award for 2019!

Here are some pages from my sketchbook so you can see how Fergal started out...

In the summer of 2017, I took part in the 'Here be Dragons' exhibition at the Victoria Art Gallery in Bath. I created two dioramas of scenes from the book. Here's how I did it...

Co-editions: Fergal is Fuming! has been translated into other languages. I love seeing how the story has been adapted - especially all those fuming noises!

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