Robert Starling

I am a writer and illustrator living in Norwich, UK.

I started doodling when I was at primary school, and never stopped. I'm at my happiest with a pencil in hand, trying to get ideas out of my head and onto the page.

Fergal is Fuming! is my first picture book, and it was published last year in hardback. The paperback came out in February this year, and made the shortlist for the Watersones Childrens Book Prize. I feel very honoured to be nominated for such a prestigious award. It's been a long term dream to publish a story and I'm thrilled that little Fergal is making his way out into the world. My second story is in the works but - shhhhh - it's all secret just now!


When I'm not sketching up new characters or writing down stories, I can be found walking with my wife and dog under the big Norfolk skies, sculpting models, brewing coffee, or foraging in the kitchen for cake.